Drone training course for radio towers and pylons inspections


The course is intended for everyone who want to achieve a professional certificate allowing them to obtain the expertise and skills to operate in complex scenarios.

The drone pilot is becoming fundamental to every work linked with aerial inspection of vertical structure as pylons and radio towers that are difficult and dangerous to check with the naked eye.
A professional certificate can help to have a a step ahead in the labour market.

Requirement: pilot license for Very light/ Light Drones and critical operations certificate (CRO)

the course consist of a theoretical part and a practical part.

Course description


In the Theoretical part you will learn to:

  • How to deal with the risk assessment and how to minimize it; how to program a mission and to deal with the EASA regulation and with organizations that oversees flight operations;
  • How to draw up a security plan and an emergency plan, dealing with safety laws and discretional policies;
  • How to use the web service D-Flight to plan a fling mission and how to obtain the permission to flight in restricted areas (airports, natural parks, etc.);
  • Use the specific tools to operate the mission: thermal imager and RGB camera;
  • Use software to build 2d and 3d structures (structure from motion);
  • use the most common software for geographical investigations (GIS) to show the results of the inspections.


In the practical part you will learn to:

  • collect data and to deal with different problems linked to the structure you are inspecting (weather damages, connector malfunctions, battery malfunction, structural damage and joints deformation);
  • deal with the typical flight maneuvers for vertical structures;
  • operate in perfect harmony with your assistant through a course named “Crew Resource Management” (CRM).
  • the course includes 6 night missions (10 minutes each) which give the chance to try operations in a completely different environment.

The course takes 40 hours to complete, divided in 5 days including the final examination.

CEPAS (Istituto di certificazione delle competenze e della formazione) part of the Bureau veritas group,  guarantee the professional international certification ISO/IEC 17024.



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